Welcome to the Global Inspirators Network!

GIN Forums

GIN Forums will formed at the lowest unit level staying in the same geography. The forum will consist of a group of 8-10 members who will meet once a month as forum members. The activity calender will be prepared in the forum. The responsibilities of the forum are :

  • To conduct monthly forum meetings
  • To undertake member participation projects to create a social transformation for the community at large
  • To interact and engage with the GIN Chapter for member development and member participation projects
  • To report activities undertaken by forum to the GIN Chapter on monthly basis

GIN Chapter

The responsibilities of the GIN CHAPTER are the following:

  • To mentor and provide guidance the activities of the GIN Forums
  • To monitor the functioning of the forums and increase the membership base by creating new forums
  • To undertake member development programmes to enhance their professional and individual skills
  • To undertake member participation projects to create a social transformation for the community at large
  • To resolve and manage conflicts of the forums
  • To organise emotional engagement/fun at work activities for the forum members on an annual basis.
  • To network with GIN chapters across the globe for better functioning and liason

GIN Advisory Board

GIN Advisory Board is based at the country level. It will consist of representatives luminaries in their field of work and can provide guidance to various Chapters of the country. Their role will be in networking and mentoring of the GIN City Chapters. The responsibilities of the GIN Advisory Board are the following :

  • To mentor and support the activities of the GIN Chapter
  • To manage and resolve conflicts of the GIN Chapter
  • To participate and guide the functioning of the GIN Chapter as and when required
  • To liason and network with GIN Chapters at the global level and Regional Chapter countries of different countries ( Inter and Intra regions)

GIN Regional Level

GIN Regional Level - This will consist of member country representatives at global regional levels. E.g. East Europe Region, South East Asia Region. The regional chapters will have the positions at the GIN Chapters.

GIN Global Leadership Forum

GIN Global Leadership Forum: Will consist of members representing various regions, experienced individuals can be invited as members having varied professional expertise. The global leadership forum will responsible for overall functioning of the network.