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Global Inspirators Network(GIN)

The Global Inspirators Network (GIN) is an exclusive peer-to-peer network of youth and young working professionals (in the age group of 18 to 35) across a region. The network also aims to drive socio-economic transformation by striving for positive change in their individual, professional and societal spheres. The Global Inspirators Network aims at involving young adults in responsible, challenging actions with opportunity for planning and/or decision-making affecting others in an activity whose impact or consequences extends to others – outside or beyond the youth members themselves-thereby leading to societal development that fully unleashes the power of youth and young working professionals, placing them at the very core of Nation Transformation.
To seamlessly integrate Youth and Young Working Professionals in the process of nation building through a proactive, inclusive and cohesive network.

Global Inspirators Network (GIN) is a voluntary alliance of young citizens striving for positive change within their individual, professional and societal spheres. GIN aims to create a spirited and unified platform that inspires and engages the youth and young working professionals to participate in the critical process of nation building. The unique promise of GIN is to integrate the young adults as a dynamic force in nation transformation, ensuring direct outcome through tangible results.

GIN is based on 10 guiding principles-
  • Social Impact
  • Participative Action
  • Multi Stakeholder Consensus
  • Emotional Connect Programme
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Equitable and Inclusive
  • Responsiveness
  • Efficiency and Simplicity
  • Speed of Implementation
  • Adherence to Rule of Land

GIN Forum is a group of around 15 members who have come together to participate in various projects and achieve community level outcomes. The students have the freedom to choose projects which have a transformative impact on society at large. Ideas are encouraged, consensus is reached and stakeholders are identified for each project.

GIN Chapters are formed at the city level. All forums will have representatives at the GIN Chapter Level. The GIN Chapter will form once there are minimum of 3 Forums. Each GIN Chapter will have aminimum stipulated number of members with an Executive Board.

The GIN network undertakes a wide range of activities with the intended aim of Personal, Professional and Societal Development. Emotional Connect is the underlying unifying principle that binds all of its members via a structured matrix relationship. The overall impact that the GIN Network aims to achieve is Social Transformation which starts from the individual level.

GIN Project Implementation Areas

GIN members conduct projects all year round across several themes. These themes are selected by each Forum and are relevant to their communities. The various themes are:

  • Education
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Women Empowerment & Safety
  • Creating Livelihood Options
  • Personality Development
  • Environment


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