Welcome to the Global Inspirators Network!


The Global Inspirators Network (GIN) provides the Youth and Young Working Professionals a platform to network and collaborate with like-minded people seeking Personal, Professional and Societal Development.

  • Seize the opportunity to participate in global projects and exchange programmes that utilize your passion to bring about positive change and hone your sense of direction.
  • Unleash your talent and potential , preparing you to be a leader, a voice for positive change and the nation’s representative
  • Collaborate and ideate with like-minded peer to peer networks
  • Form friendships that enrich you for a lifetime
  • Obtain life changing insights from peers, mentors and Thought Leaders
  • Build a career that you not only excel at, but will cherish for a lifetime
  • Leverage the guidance of industry domain experts and mentors
  • Exposure to global trends and job opportunities
  • Utilize skill training imparted not merely at a theoretical level, but to gain first hand practical experience
  • Involve yourself in Global Impact, multi-cultural projects and programs of your choice
  • Foster your knowledge, information and understanding of your rights and responsibilities to evolve into an important pillar of society thereby playing an active role in transforming your nation.
  • Gain the freedom to choose projects which have a transformative impact on society at large. Ideas are encouraged, consensus is reached and stakeholders are identified for each project
  • Take on real-time, challenging socio-economic projects with companies, NGO’s and government bodies that harness and galvanize your full potential
  • Participate in and continuously learn from live project management, training and implementation endeavors that demonstrate tangible results.
  • Earn the pride and admiration of your friends, family and peers
  • Showcase your efforts through our worldwide media platforms
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