Welcome to the Global Inspirators Network!

To seamlessly integrate Youth and Young Working Professionals in the process of nation building through a proactive, inclusive and cohesive network.

Global Inspirators Network(GIN) is a voluntary alliance of young citizens striving for positive change within their individual, professional and societal spheres. GIN aims to create a spirited and unified platform that inspires and engages the youth and young working professionals to participate in the critical process of nation building. The unique promise of GIN is to integrate the young adults as a dynamic force in nation transformation, ensuring direct outcome through tangible results.

Why Register

  • Seize the opportunity to participate in global projects and exchange programmes that utilize your passion to bring about positive change and hone your sense of direction
  • Unleash your talent and potential, preparing you to be a leader, a voice for positive change and the nation’s representative
  • Collaborate and ideate with like-minded peer to peer networks
  • Form friendships that enrich you for a lifetime
  • Obtain life changing insights from peers, mentors and Thought Leaders


  • Build a career that you not only excel at, but will cherish for a lifetime
  • Leverage the guidance of industry domain experts and mentors
  • Exposure to global trends and job opportunities
  • Utilize skill training imparted not merely at a theoretical level, but to gain first hand practical experience
  • Involve yourself in Global Impact, multi-cultural projects and programs of your choice


  • Foster your knowledge, information and understanding of your rights and responsibilities to evolve into an important pillar of society thereby playing an active role in transforming your nation.
  • Gain the freedom to choose projects which have a transformative impact on society at large. Ideas are encouraged, consensus is reached and stakeholders are identified for each project
  • Take on real-time, challenging socio-economic projects with companies, NGO’s and government bodies that harness and galvanize your full potential
  • Participate in and continuously learn from live project management, training and implementation endeavors that demonstrate tangible results.
  • Earn the pride and admiration of your friends, family and peers
  • Showcase your efforts through our worldwide media platforms


About GIN

The Global Inspirators Network(GIN) is an exclusive peer-to-peer network of youth and young working professionals (in the age group of 18 to 35) across a region. The network also aims to drive socio-economic transformation by striving for positive change in their individual, professional and societal spheres. The Global Inspirators Network aims at involving young adults in responsible, challenging actions with opportunity for planning and/or decision-making affecting others in an activity whose impact or consequences extends to others – outside or beyond the youth members themselves-thereby leading to societal development that fully unleashes the power of youth and young working professionals, placing them at the very core of Nation Transformation. Read More

Spotlight on Events

June 15th,2015

Introduction to the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) model in Karlsruhe, Germany.

June 16th,2015

Transforming Nations: Global Inspirators Network (GIN) – A Curtain Raiser.